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The Butcher has joined the battlefield. This menacing new boss replaces Cerberus and takes on players in a bloody battle. Those who emerge victorious will get superb loot as a reward.

New Battle Royale Class: Smoke Bomber with COD Mobile hack

The list of Battle Royale classes continues to grow with the arrival of the Smoke Bomber. Level up to unlock this new class in a featured Season event where players will have to complete tasks and earn points while earning rewards.

The Smoke Bomber takes care of obstructing the enemy’s field of vision with its Scatter Smoke Grenade ability, which releases several projectiles that throw smoke over a wide area. The Smoke Point of View passive improves your visibility when enemies are in the smoke. Eliminate them while they search the area blind.

Unlock more rewards in the Irradiated Sector event. Earn even more content, including an epic weapon, with the Irradiated Sector event. Use stimulants to increase your stamina and get rewards!

The Irradiated Sector event will begin later in the Season. More information will be revealed closer to the start of the event.

Attack of the Living Dead – COD Mobile Hack Apk

Can you survive the horde of the living dead? Attack of the Living Dead, the new Multiplayer mode, is played by ten players. At the start of the game, a countdown starts. Upon completion, one of the ten players will be randomly designated as undead. The nine remaining survivors will have to try to escape the attacks of the undead and the infection until the time runs out. Each infected player “transforms” and the larger the horde, the harder it becomes to survive.

Each time the undead eliminates a Survivor, he joins the ranks of the Infected. The remaining Survivors must cooperate and combine their firepower against the horde in order to beat the clock and end the game as Survivors.

2v2 Gulag Skirmish COD Mobile Hack tool

Fans of the free game Warzone will no doubt recognize the gulag battlefield. In Call of Duty: Mobile, rather than fighting there to redeploy yourself, the gulag is the newest map in Skirmish mode, previously known as 2v2 Confrontation.Join the gulag with a teammate and test your skills in battle tight, in small teams and where every action counts.

The rules for Skirmish are identical to those for Confrontation 2v2. All players are given the same random gear so everyone is on an equal footing. This equipment changes every two rounds. The first team to win six rounds wins. Good luck.

Fight in Tunisia with COD Mobile Hack generator

Radioactive Agent adds a Multiplayer map with Tunisia, a large map located in a seaside town in the Mediterranean. Fight your way through the winding streets and main square of Tunisia, where the fighting is intense and open to the sky. Be on the lookout for streaks of enemy points in the sky and be prepared to pull the trigger anytime you want. Take the lead in the competition with our overview of the Tunisia map.